World cup 2014

Hello everyone!

World cup in Brazil is almost finished! As a big football fan, I am quite sad and don’t really know what I will now do in the evenings, haha. Just kidding ;)
Championship was or is? Bitter sweet. I think football is not even close to what it used to be and that to be honest sucks. There is way too many politics and money involved to be fair and without agreed matches and results. So that’s one thing why I don’t enjoy it as much as I could. With that being said, it is not even that surprising that referees were sometimes so unfair, blind (read: corrupt) that was ridiculous. Another thing why I don’t enjoy it as much is the fact that Holland clearly won’t win the competition, as I am waiting for the match for 3th place against Brazil. When they lost against Argentina I was so sad it was funny. Even in the morning I still could not believe so I went on the internet and checked if it was not just a dream, haha. Sadly it wasn’t. 

Nevertheless I am still excited for the final match, because Germany is playing and if they win I will be perfectly fine. So who do you support? Germany or Argentina? Did you watch it, enjoy it? Love or hate it?

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